Where it all began

My name is DJ/Producer Bluethunder from the Netherlands. I started producing music mid 2010, working on tracks with other producers to train myself. Finally, in 2013 I released my first track. I have steadily created and released tracks up until 2016 after which I graduated and got my Bachelor´s degree in Business IT & Management. From here on out I decided to full dedicate myself to my DJ and Producer career. I increased my production knowledge and made some amazing contacts.

Below I have named some of my biggest performances up until now:

The same year that I graduated I got to play for the big 3FM Serious Request event in Breda. This is a huge national charity event which is known all over the world, where every single year millions of euros are donated in support of this charity.

In 2017 I was asked to DJ at the Mezz in Breda. This was a great experience as this was my first dance party experience and I loved it.

The following year I got asked to play at a Silent Disco at one of the biggest and coolest venues in Breda called ‘Hotel Nassau’. Another amazing place to play was in the NAC stadium for a couple of NAC matches, NAC being a major football club. Playing a set with Christmas time in Breda was also a blast. Alot of Djs attended this Christmas party.

I also was asked to play at the biggest running event in the Netherlands in the same year and the next year (2019) called ‘Singelloop’, which has nearly 20.000 participants and 85.000 people that come to watch every single year. Next to that I was invited to play at the biggest (inter)national cross-country running event called ‘Warandeloop’ in Tilburg.

At our national holiday ‘Koningsdag’ where we celebrate the birthday of our king, I played at ‘Heksenwiel’ where there was a huge gathering of people to celebrate the day.

After my independant release of ´You Will Never Break Me´ in 2019 which was received very well by the community and was supported by some major labels, got listed in the official Spotify playlists and also added to playlists by playlist curators themselves, my career finally started to gain traction. This year already I have hit the 1 million and 2 million streams mark which is all thanks to the fans – the people who support me <3.

At the beginning of 2020 I attended a DJ contest of the Dutch festival called ´Dancetour´ which hosts more than 20.000 people per location. In this contest I took the #1 spot of all Djs attending and thus won the contest. This of course was a great moment for me as this was something I worked towards for so many years.

I also was invited to play at the Carnival event in Breda on ‘De Grote Markt’ which had 8000 people attending. The most recent event I played at is an internation event called ‘Campusparty’. This event has more than 1.4 million viewers and is hosted in 31 countries around the world. I got to play the afterparty for this event, live on stream (due to COVID it was hosted online), which was an amazing experience to say the least.

I love producing music and make people feel good. Make them forget any troubles they are in or have. Make people feel nostalgic and happy, even if it is just for a couple of minutes.
Because of this, I am writing this myself. Having a personal connection with the people that like my music is important to me.

Music is an evolution in which I distinguish myself by creating unique, happy and innovative beats. Mixing things together that you will never think of, and make them sound great, is my goal.

Join me, and together we can do awesome things.


A few words from a close ‘first hour’ fan of Bluethunder:

“Jerry van Bergen, better known as Producer and DJ Bluethunder from Breda, the Netherlands, has been making waves since mid 2010 with his up-tempo and energetic Dance music. Bluethunder continues to improve his music and always stays on the grind. He is an artist that never gives up and continues to improve.”

Discover my music, my inspirations

I started out producing Progressive House but soon I came in contact with other dance genres and progressed and experimented from there on out. You could describe my main genre as Bass House / Electro House and Future House. It comes closes to the new genre called  ‘Future Bounce’. I am also active in other genres and like to occassionally treat my fans with catchy tracks in other genres. You may hear elements of different genres in some of my released tracks. This is because I experiment alot with different kind of sounds in my tracks.

Next to EDM, I also create music for game and movie projects. I have my own drive-in show for parties, weddings and more.

If you are interested in getting such a piece of music created, or my drive-in show – contact me.

« Music is an evolution in which I distinguish myself by creating unique, happy and innovative beats. Mixing things together that you will never think of, and make them sound great, is my goal. »


Here are just a few of the feats my fans and I have been able to accomplish:

Generate 1 million streams in just a month as an independant artist.

Played at the big stage in my home town Breda at ‘De Grote Markt’

Played at the 3FM Serious Request event in Breda

Gathered a close and awesome social (and offline) fanbase